Batman V. Superman

Batman has fought Superman numerous times in comic books throughout the ages. And Batman usually wins. It isn’t because Batman is strong. Sure, Batman has more money (he’s rich!), but money doesn’t rule the outcome of a fight. Batman, or Bruce Wayne, has something that Superman doesn’t have. Batman is a genius detective, and he figures things out.

By that I mean he figures out how to win against Superman. It usually involves kryptonite! Kryptonite is a substance that only exists in DC comics. It is a solid material and is said to be radioactive. Superman’s home planet, which is many light years away, is made up of kryptonite. If that is true, why doesn’t it weaken Superman? Well, it’s not necessarily kryptonite itself that Superman is weak against. It’s what happens to Superman when he is near kryptonite inside of Earth’s atmosphere. The chemical reactions change on Earth. Therefore, Batman found this out and uses it in his fight against Superman.

People always wonder which superhero would win against another superhero. Batman V. Superman was recently released in the movie theater. In the movie, Batman wins. But he doesn’t kill Superman. Batman doesn’t kill, or at least he doesn’t in comic books. Instead, they fight and eventually team up again larger threats. These threats are a monster known as Doomsday and random gangsters that are hell-bent on creating havoc across Metropolis. Metropolis is the city where Superman lives. Batman lives in Gotham.

I was not the biggest fan of the movie. Most people have the same view as I do. One of the major things I didn’t like was that they released all of the good parts in the trailer. I was spoiled before even seeing the movie! For any comic book fan, however, I would recommend that they see it once, for what it’s worth.

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