Comic Book Movies

Comic books have always had their place in popular culture. Superman, Batman, Spider-man, and Iron Man are all household names. Comic books and cartoons have always been a conduit to which these have become popular. These days, however, a new avenue for entertainment has expanded into the movie realm.

About 15 years ago, comic book movies really started to take off. This was in large part to Spider-Man and more importantly Spider-Man 2. Also important, in regards to these types of movies, is that CGI technology has greatly improved. This has given the fantasy-like factors of these movies the ability to appear seamless on the big screen.

Soon after Spider-Man 2, a great many comic book movies were released. The Batman movies were rebooted and are believed to be some of the best of these movies. Not every comic book movie, however, has been well-received by audiences.

For example, Spider-Man 3 is known to have basically killed the original franchise. That movie has a 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes though I would argue it should be a little bit lower. Daredevil has a 44% score. Ben Affleck, the main actor, has remained in the comic book movie world but now acts as Batman. He is much better received in his current role. While people generally view him as a great Batman, the movies he’s acted in are considered lower par.

There does not seem to be an end in sight for this flurry of comic book movies that are released what seems like every few months. Even years ago, people I’ve spoken with have stated that comic book movies might become too saturated. However, they are still going strong. And I will keep going to see them! I don’t see them all. However, I’m bound to check out the action in a major movie such as an Avengers or Justice League showing.

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