Star Wars Comics

Many people don’t know this, but there are hundreds of Star Wars comic books. Most people know Star Wars from the movies. Some people know that there are Star Wars video games and TV cartoons. A quick trip to Walmart or Target will show how popular Star Wars toys are. These toys have been popular for decades! But the Star Wars comics are popular as well.

Like the toys, Star Wars has made comics for decades. There exists the original trilogy. Most people would agree that the original movies are the best. That being said, many things happen between the three movies. These things are referenced in some of the movies but are not specifically shown. Therefore, a market has been created to tell some side stories. The demand has been high.

One of the most popular stories is called Shadows of the Empire. It takes place between Empire Strikes Back (the second movie) and Return of the Jedi) the third movie). Shadows of the Empire first appeared as a novel, written by George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. Then, they turned the book into video games and multiple comic books. Sales were extremely strong, so they continued making Star Wars comic books and novels.

Disney recently bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas. Disney decided to create a sequel trilogy and they just released the second film of three. Therefore, to help people learn about what happened between now and the originals, Disney has released many comic books to fill the gaps. They have also let authors publish multiple books on the subject.

Given that there is a 30 year difference between the originals and new trilogy there are opportunities for extra stories. Some of these will be told in novels. Many will be told in comic book form.

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