Top 5 Popular DC Comics of All Time

DC Comics had become an institution as it stayed long enough to become one of the two biggest and hottest comic book companies in America and was originally created as National Allied Publications in 1934. DC popularized characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.


DC company has produced some of the best comic books ever. Sadly, these days, the company has lost touch with the general public when it comes to comic book print out with people engage more on the digital.


To take a toast of respect on the DC comic books that inspired most people coming from yesteryears, here’s a list of top 5 DC Comics Of All Time.


Top 5: KINGDOM COME (1996)


Kingdom Come most prominent feature is the beautifully painted artwork by Alex Ross that features a stark plot by Mark Waid. While still retaining his storytelling abilities, he crafted the heroes of the DC Universe as infinitely iconic and powerful. His art isn’t just flamboyant but a perfect compliment to Waid’s plot.


Waid created an epic where Superman schools the young generation and shows the world what a hero should be.




Crisis on Infinite Earths was a trial to streamline flow and make books effortless to pick up for novice comic book fans. The Anti-Monitor was the focus of the story who wanted to eliminate the multiple realities of the DC Universe.


The death of Supergirl, the Flash, the Superman of Earth-One, and countless others, was spotted in the 12-issue mega event but still the heroes triumph in the end.


Top 3: BATMAN: YEAR ONE (1987)


The story of Batman: Year One depicted the initial year in Gotham for Commissioner Gordon and after years of exile, the return of Bruce Wayne. After being submitted to the sordid underbelly of Gotham, Miller paints Gordon as an honest cop who take a glimpse of his personal life evolved out of control; meanwhile, to battle the corruption and ferocity that has outstripped his city, Wayne returns from years of training overseas. They form together one of the powerful bonds in comic book history by lauding each other’s strengths and ignoring each other’s weaknesses.


Year One one of the best comics and continues not only to be one of the best Batman stories of all time.

2. ALL-STAR SUPERMAN (2005-2008)


Revolving about Superman’s concerns with his own mortality and how little by little, he prepares the people in his life, and the rest of his world, for his demise is narrative All-Star Superman. Making headway, Superman combats hostile to Bizarro, develops a micro-Earth, was able to heal countless diseases, ignites the Sun again, and come through Lois Lane — all busy but his costume is perfectly unscathed.


All-Star doesn’t just restart the characters or ditch Superman opposed to some mindless alien but instead, the book goes beyond superhero comics and brought out fantastical sci-fi/creativity along with ultra-distinction art by Frank Quitely as he focused on the timeless elements that made the Man of Steel popular in the first place.




Pretty sure most of the comic book enthusiast are aware of the popularity of The Dark Knight Returns. The revolutionized industry and, up until now, there still hasn’t been a prevailing superhero story that has exceeded it as what Frank Miller’s creation of the dystopian view of the future of the DC Universe. This book, published in 1986, is full of political commentary and social criticisms. At the same time, representing growing old Batman, being vigilante with an attitude.


The Dark Knight Returns is one of the books that gave Batman his toughness making him arrogant, a coarse brute who doesn’t take it simply on criminals, alongside with other stories by Denny O’Neil and Steve Englehart.


Considered a total gem in the industry, The Dark Knight Returns still stands and solidified DC as a much more creative and fearless company than its celebrated competitors.


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