DC vs. Marvel Movies

Here is it: the great debate. Which company has better characters? Which has better stories? Which has better heroes and villains? The answer isn’t black and white. These comic book companies have been around for decades. Each has had many hits and misses throughout the years. My personal opinion is that there is a clear winner. Or, I should say, they win. Let me explain.

Comic books have jumped out of the book and landed on the movie screen. I’ll get right down to it. Marvel has better movies. The movie universe they created was done carefully and with formula. People often mock Marvel for using a certain “formula” for their movies. However, if it gets people into the theater, I don’t see anything wrong with that. DC, on the other hand, has had a more challenging time at the box office.

Avengers was released only after each main character had their own movie first. This allowed audiences to get acquainted with the characters. Justice League, on the other hand, felt like a forced movie. I’m a fan of the Flash character, but most people don’t know who he is. Even worse is Cyborg. Nobody cares about Cyborg. There was a rumor that Cyborg was getting his own movie. I hope that doesn’t happen. Because if it does, it will flop.

DC has had some great movies, however. Even Marvel fans can agree that the Dark Knight trilogy was a high point in the DC cinematic universe. The only thing is that those were stand-alone movies. Christian Bale is no longer Batman. Now, Batman is played by Ben Affleck, who is a worthy actor for the role. In closing, it’s really personal opinion as to which company puts out better movies. At the end of the day, we should all be thankful there are so many of those movies made. Until the next movie comes out, take a look at some impact windows: http://stormguardwindowanddoor.com/miami-impact-windows/

Batman V. Superman

Batman has fought Superman numerous times in comic books throughout the ages. And Batman usually wins. It isn’t because Batman is strong. Sure, Batman has more money (he’s rich!), but money doesn’t rule the outcome of a fight. Batman, or Bruce Wayne, has something that Superman doesn’t have. Batman is a genius detective, and he figures things out.

By that I mean he figures out how to win against Superman. It usually involves kryptonite! Kryptonite is a substance that only exists in DC comics. It is a solid material and is said to be radioactive. Superman’s home planet, which is many light years away, is made up of kryptonite. If that is true, why doesn’t it weaken Superman? Well, it’s not necessarily kryptonite itself that Superman is weak against. It’s what happens to Superman when he is near kryptonite inside of Earth’s atmosphere. The chemical reactions change on Earth. Therefore, Batman found this out and uses it in his fight against Superman.

People always wonder which superhero would win against another superhero. Batman V. Superman was recently released in the movie theater. In the movie, Batman wins. But he doesn’t kill Superman. Batman doesn’t kill, or at least he doesn’t in comic books. Instead, they fight and eventually team up again larger threats. These threats are a monster known as Doomsday and random gangsters that are hell-bent on creating havoc across Metropolis. Metropolis is the city where Superman lives. Batman lives in Gotham.

I was not the biggest fan of the movie. Most people have the same view as I do. One of the major things I didn’t like was that they released all of the good parts in the trailer. I was spoiled before even seeing the movie! For any comic book fan, however, I would recommend that they see it once, for what it’s worth.

Star Wars Comics

Many people don’t know this, but there are hundreds of Star Wars comic books. Most people know Star Wars from the movies. Some people know that there are Star Wars video games and TV cartoons. A quick trip to Walmart or Target will show how popular Star Wars toys are. These toys have been popular for decades! But the Star Wars comics are popular as well.

Like the toys, Star Wars has made comics for decades. There exists the original trilogy. Most people would agree that the original movies are the best. That being said, many things happen between the three movies. These things are referenced in some of the movies but are not specifically shown. Therefore, a market has been created to tell some side stories. The demand has been high.

One of the most popular stories is called Shadows of the Empire. It takes place between Empire Strikes Back (the second movie) and Return of the Jedi) the third movie). Shadows of the Empire first appeared as a novel, written by George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. Then, they turned the book into video games and multiple comic books. Sales were extremely strong, so they continued making Star Wars comic books and novels.

Disney recently bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas. Disney decided to create a sequel trilogy and they just released the second film of three. Therefore, to help people learn about what happened between now and the originals, Disney has released many comic books to fill the gaps. They have also let authors publish multiple books on the subject.

Given that there is a 30 year difference between the originals and new trilogy there are opportunities for extra stories. Some of these will be told in novels. Many will be told in comic book form.

Comic Book Movies

Comic books have always had their place in popular culture. Superman, Batman, Spider-man, and Iron Man are all household names. Comic books and cartoons have always been a conduit to which these have become popular. These days, however, a new avenue for entertainment has expanded into the movie realm.

About 15 years ago, comic book movies really started to take off. This was in large part to Spider-Man and more importantly Spider-Man 2. Also important, in regards to these types of movies, is that CGI technology has greatly improved. This has given the fantasy-like factors of these movies the ability to appear seamless on the big screen.

Soon after Spider-Man 2, a great many comic book movies were released. The Batman movies were rebooted and are believed to be some of the best of these movies. Not every comic book movie, however, has been well-received by audiences.

For example, Spider-Man 3 is known to have basically killed the original franchise. That movie has a 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes though I would argue it should be a little bit lower. Daredevil has a 44% score. Ben Affleck, the main actor, has remained in the comic book movie world but now acts as Batman. He is much better received in his current role. While people generally view him as a great Batman, the movies he’s acted in are considered lower par.

There does not seem to be an end in sight for this flurry of comic book movies that are released what seems like every few months. Even years ago, people I’ve spoken with have stated that comic book movies might become too saturated. However, they are still going strong. And I will keep going to see them! I don’t see them all. However, I’m bound to check out the action in a major movie such as an Avengers or Justice League showing.

Magic Teeth Dailies

Why do we love comics? That’s actually an interesting question to answer.


Maybe we all remain kids at heart who want to stay close to their childhood and revive our memories. Adult lives are sometimes not easy nor fun. This is what I’m thinking at this very moment as I’m currently looking online at DIY home repair kits. The truth is I should stop kidding myself and just anti up and call Best Boca Raton Handyman before I hurt myself or someone else. I digress, my mind is wandering, thinking about my favorite childhood comics. Where are they? I haven’t read them for years now.


Suddenly, I remember where they are. In my mom’s basement. And my mom doesn’t live anywhere close. She lives in a medium-sized city 500 miles away from here. I want to go there. But how?


I’m a 32 years old married man, with a young daughter who just turned one. My business is growing steadily, my baby is taking a lot of my time, my wife too. Where will I find time? And should I try that hard to find time to go read some stupid comic books?


Months go by, and I’m still thinking about it. I have this urge to call my mum, say I’m coming, book a plane ticket, land there, get to her house and go straight to the boxes containing my old comics. I need to do it. How long do I need? One week should be fine. That’s long without seeing my daughter, but that’s manageable, we’ll skype, we’ll facetime, we’ll facebook. Or we’ll use the good old phone.


Long story short, I’m there. I know exactly what I’m looking for, I grab the flashlight, go to the cold, dark basement, find the boxes, bring them upstairs and open them. I was looking for some old Mickey Mouse comics from the 70’s. I bought them at a yard sale 20 years ago, when I was twelve.  Not only did I find them but I also found plenty of books and other comics that I didn’t even remember. It’s like finding Treasure Island.


Now comes the interesting part: reading, devouring comics. Here is how i do it: I grab food, drinks, go to my small one-person bed in the kid bedroom, turn on the light and start reading. It’s late, everything is quiet, I love it. My mom is already fast asleep since she’s working tomorrow. I’m alone. Deliciously alone.


Hours go by slowly, I don’t even know what time it is anymore, nor do I care. It might be 2am. I’m reading, thinking at the same time, remembering a lot of memories: recent and old ones, happy and sad ones. I also remember people: my parents when they were still young and married to each other, grand-parents, friends, cousins, uncles…some of them are not alive anymore. Things have changed a lot. But I still remember and those memories live in my mind and will continue to live on.

Does all this even matter? I’m not sure. So many questions. Let’s not think about it and read comics.